Friday, October 23, 2009

Journal: Build Your Own Board

"Build Your Own Board - Brightboards Offer a Cost-Effective Alternative to Interactive Whiteboards" written by: Keith Vallis and Peter Williamson

Interactive Whiteboards have become all the rage in education, students are begining to expect them in all the classrooms. But with such a large price tag, and the endless budget cuts how can we afford to place them in classrooms? well, instead of purchasing the large name brands, why not get creative and make your own Brightboard...

Since any computur can connect with a projector and any software can be projected on to a screen or wall - all you need to do is hook-up a bluetooth-enabled pen tablet and a wireless keyboard. And SHAZAM, you have your own interactive Brightboard at a much smaller price tag! Not that hard to set up and at a more realistic cost not only is it better for your wallet but it can be much more efficiant in the classroom. One thing that you have to deal with with interactive whitboards is the fact that you are required to sit in front of the computer to oporate the software. The nice thing witha brightboard, is that it can be portable, you can dock your laptop to the projector, get multiple tablets, and keyboards. Therefore the teacher can move around the room, and is not needed to sit in the front of the room with the only computer that has the correct software. And students can pass the tablets around, work similtaneously and dont have to feel that they are in the spotlight at the front of the room. Overall, the Brightboard idea can benefit the class at several different levels.

However, there are still benefits for having a interactive whiteboard instead of the Brightboard equiped in your classroom. Interactive whiteboards in some cases are better for younger students, where brightboards can benefits older students. All-in-all there is a place for both models. Teachers and administrators will need to consider all factors when deciding what is better for their classes.

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